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Mammal Displays

The Mammal displays in the museum depict a magnificent selection of over 400 specimenelephants apr 2005 015 tns including most of the larger southern African mammals and many smaller species too. Most were collected on expeditions by Captain Guy Shortridge, director of the museum from 1920 - 1949, One visitor described the display as "The Kruger Park in still-life", when he was able to see all the species he had recently seen from afar in said park really close up in the museum.

The two elephants on display were collected in the Addo area (now Addo Elephant Park) near Port Elizabeth.

In addition, our museum is one of only three museums in South Africa that has a beehive with a live swarm of bees on display with accompaying information, which is useful to researchers and students alike.

Carnivore diarama


Skeleton of a lion on display