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Idabi lenkululeko eQonce

The following oral excerpts are displayed in context in the new struggle exhibition, Idabi lenkululeko eQonce. Full-length interviews are preserved in the museum archives. Copyright restrictions apply. The project of collecting local struggle narratives is a vital and ongoing endeavour.

A recording booth is available in the exhibition for new narratives. Please ask the History section staff for assistance.

Title Speakers
General Topics General, Mixed Interviews
Albert Whittles Albert Whittles
Brian Osteridge Brian Osteridge
Gordon Smith Gordon Smith
Churchill Mxengere Churchill Mxenge
Mthunzi Mpondo Mthunzi Mpondo
Ntombazana Botha Ntombazana Botha
Rev. Pat Ncaca Rev. Pat Ncaca
Phila Ngqumba Phila Ngqumba
Paul Fahy Fr. Paul Fahy
Promotia Mangcu Promotia Mangcu