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Lt. Gen. Charles Xhanti Sebe: A few Famous Quotes

© DRUM September 1983:13

“I know that the communists are after my blood but I can’t be killed by heathens. God has spoken to me. He won’t kill me until communism has been eradicated in South Africa.”

In spite of his firm conviction that God was protecting him, Charles Sebe slept with a sub-machine-gun, had a rifle in the cupboard in his bedroom, two sets of gates to his home and a double barbed wire fence.

“If any play, any drama group wants to book a hall, they are compelled to produce a manuscript. I run through the script and if there isn’t any political connotation which could wake up the masses then they can go ahead. I have taken it upon myself to insist that any person who has a gift as a poet or playwright should be scrutinised. I read their work myself.”

“There is one gift God has given the Sebe people. They do not like to see people suffering and starving.”

“I am one of the very few qualified intelligence people in this and other countries. I can read between the lines.”

“We are also terrorists. The only difference is that we are government terrorists.”